The Happiness Factor

The Happiness Factor is all about enabling individuals and organizations become happier and more effective. Happy individuals make happier employees. Happier managers and executives have higher performing teams. Companies with happy employees experience higher profits and do better in the stock market.

Professional Speaker & Facilitator 

Kirk Wilkinson is dynamic and engaging speaker and a Master Facilitator that can help your team come together to create strategies, implementation plans, set goals and drive to results. He has given more than 4000 presentations and trained more than 43,000 individuals. 

Leadership Development

Kirk can create a custom leadership development program for your organization that can includes executive / management level coaching and workshops. Kirk’s experience has helped increase employee engagement scores by more than 20% and customer satisfactions scores be higher than 95%. Programs and workshops in Leadership Development include The TRUST Advantage, The Optimist’s Advantage and Great by Design: Principles of Exceptional Leadership. We can customize a a program or course specifically for your organization.

Executive and Individual Life Coaching

Kirk is a Master Executive and Individual Life Coach. He has logged more than 6000 hours of coaching including couples coaching. From CEOs to first level managers Kirk has helped leaders become more effective, enhance their people skills and exponentially increase trust in organizations.

Using the Discover your WhY! methodology invented by Kirk Wilkinson he can help you discover what motivates you, what drives you, and reveal your personal gifts and talents that can be leveraged to create great

Personal Development 

With two bestselling books, more than 21 hours of audio programs, 47 short videos and an iPhone app there are many ways to transform your life to being happy and more fulfilled.

If you are looking for a keynote, seminar or workshop, Kirk has many programs to choose from.

Kirk Wilkinson is a master at personal development helping thousands of individuals reach their full potential and obtain greater success both personally and professionally.

Corporate Training

As a Certified Master Trainer for the Yukon Group, Kirk Wilkinson offers courses in Strategic and Sales Negotiation, Influencing, Communication Skills, and Value Proposition Creation. Kirk has a wide variety of programs and workshops that he can customize to fit your needs.

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