Personal Development and Coaching


As a world-renowned expert in personal development, employee engagement and a Master Life Coach, Kirk can help you break free of any barriers to your success and personal satisfaction. Kirk has developed several proprietary formulas, methodologies and his wealth of experience can help you discover who you are, reveal your gifts and talents, what motivates and drives you and what brings you the greatest satisfaction.

Kirk has helped thousands of people like you become more successful at whatever they choose to do. 

With his vast experience as manager, trainer and coach, Kirk can also help you increase your employee engagement. His programs have helped organizations experience up 20% increase in employee engagement scores.

– Executive Coaching – Executives, managers, career, 

– Life Coaching – Personal, career, relationships

– Discover your WhY!

– Maximize your Strengths

– Dealing with Jerks! – how to deal with difficult people

– Forgiving in the Workplace

– Making the Connection – What manager’s need to know about their employees

 “Kirk is truly a gifted listener and a master at revealing a person’s gifts and talents. But he doesn’t stop there. He also gives practical tips and skills that really make a difference. I am so much happier after working with Kirk. He has changed my life.” 

Susie Hanson

Bank of America

“Our employee satisfaction and engagement increased significantly after Kirk’s help. He helped our first-level managers learn how to really connect with our employees. His engaging style and real-world approach made all the difference.” 

Jack Saunders

VP, Johnson & Saunders

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